Here is where I will be documenting the progress of my honours dissertation. I’m working on what you would call a ‘video clip’ for a song called St. Anthony’s Fire by my band Brisk. The video clip will be a little bit strange.

  • It will be built from code with a programming envrionment called processing.
  • I’ll be developing some fairly basic audio anaylsis techniques so that the computer graphics can be ‘audio driven’.
  • This is hard because the song is very loud, dense, complex and heavy.
  • Most generative fused AV works are to minimal electronic or experimental music. I don’t know if this will work just yet, at a technical or aesthetic level.

For one and a half years I’ve had to blog as course work and I’ve grown accustomed to developing ideas in a semi-public space, as well as recording thoughts and important quotes from relevant readings. So here it is. My real blog. You can expect:

  • Further development of my honours research question:
      Chion explains synchresis as ‘the spontaneous and irresistible mental fusion, completely free of any logic, that happens between a sound and a visual when these occur at exactly the same time.”

      Filmmakers, animators and experimental artists explore audio visual fusion in many cultural forms; in nightclubs, concerts, art galleries, animation and music video. Currently, digital producers are devoting works to the ‘spontaneous and irresistible’ experience of synchresis, visualising experimental noise and minimal electronic music.

      This research will investigate synchresis, and the mutual ‘contamination’ and ‘projection’ between two disparate senses, by applying generative visualisation techniques to complex, dense, dark music.

  • Random notes, quotes and thoughts from things I’ve been reading.
  • Hopefully a lot of processing sketches and technical problem solving as I document/develop my creative piece.
  • Probably some random thoughts on art, music and anything else I find amusing.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Andrew Hill Says:


    I’ve just stumbled across your blog looking for an image of Cook’s basic models for multimedia association because I’m too lazy to scan my own!

    I’m currently completing an MA at De Montfort University in Leicester into audiovisual composition.

    I just wanted to say hi really and that I think I’d love to chat and build up a dialogue as we seem to be investigating the same thing. I must confess that I havn’t read much yet (I was too excited and just wanted to leave you this note) but I will do shortly.


  2. kim Says:

    hey there,

    wow interesting stuff going on your site!

    you read up on quite fascinating stuff (i need to catch up since i just make and not read–oh so bad). i found your blog through searching up audiovisual theorists (nice summaries i will need to read some of these books in the future). i am currently doing work in the related field.

    i wanted to read up more on you. do you go to school at the moment? where?
    is all this stuff just your hobbies?

    nice programmed art.. i’ll check more out soon. just had to type this.

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