Hectic times

October 8, 2007

Exegesis and audiovisual work due in a matter of weeks. Terrifying for two reasons:

    1. My HDD died. Partition stuffed. Some pictures, documents, video and music (expensively) recovered, but all my code is gone.

    2. I’ve just started full-time work at a wonderful place called Icelab.

Although coding again from scratch is frustrating, it’s most likely a good thing. The cleanliness and quality of my code will surely be better for it. Thought my computer would be happier with a fresh, clean hard drive and a re-install of windows, but no, its surely dying.

So rather than wrapping up my honours work I’ve been at work learning Motion 3 and how to build websites properly. Expect a decently designed blog at some stage.

After getting my head around Motion’s 3D navigation I discovered a really impressive piece of software. Purely as an animation or graphics tool its daunting, but its video features and connectivity with Final Cut make for a piece of software with potential that I am yet to even grasp. Playing with nice macs and flash new software is fun.

My Reas/Fry processing book came in the mail and it’s fantastic. If only I had it at the start of the year. Countless small programming concepts I’ve spent hours frustrating over are explained concisely and effortlessly. Solid hard-cover, well laid out, and cleverly structured. I shipped to Australia from Barnes and Noble. Took about two weeks, but it was far cheaper than buying here.

Finally did a little bit of programming tonight. Some results:




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