New recursive structure

June 26, 2007

The first song, ‘The Power of Independent Trucking’ by Big Black, the second, ‘Sporting Life’, by Young Marble Giants.

YouTube absolutely destroyed the quality. I’d recommend you watch it on Vimeo where it looks slightly better:

Render Test 2: Structure 2 from njmcgee on Vimeo

(Vimeo won’t embed in a hosted blog (and doesn’t look that good anyway). I’ll be thinking about a way to get better quality video embedded. Any ideas? Let me know.)

Best results so far with heavy rock music. Moments of real rhythm, and surprisingly dynamic visual response. The exponential relationship between element size and fft values allows individual legs to be simultaneously effected by their corresponding spectrum band with great effect. I will probably tone things down – reduce the number of elements and better control over the overall scale. Oh, and for some reason one of the legs gets stuck…

Thankfully, as I continue to bash out ‘programs’, complex visual outcomes I have not, or could not have planned are emerging.
As I tip toe towards generativity I’m wondering how to approach a ‘final’ piece – considering the unique movements, forms and reactions each time sketch is run.


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